What is the Chris Conte drinking game? Well, it involves the Chicago Bears and booze, so it has to be fun. So lets play!

Here is what you need:

Beer (replace with wine if feeling fancy)

Your favorite shot drink, whether it’s tequila, whiskey, bourbon, vodka, or whatever floats your boat.

WARNING: You will get hammered. Do not drive after playing this game.

Chris Conte Drinking Game

1. When Conte is lined up at least 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage -Drink of beer- This happens a lot. You will go through a few beers in the first half

2. Conte chases a RB or receiver into the endzone -1 shot of your favorite drink

3. Conte trips/falls while not being touched when trying to make a tackle -1 shot of your favorite drink

4. Conte misses a tackle, gets hands on player, misses tackle -1 drink of beer

5. Conte whiffs in pass coverage (covering someone and falls down or misses a ball in the air) -1 shot of your favorite drink

6. Conte misses interception and lets ball go through his hands -2 shots of your favorite drink

7. Conte commits a penalty -2 drinks of beer or 1 shot of your favorite alcohol, your choice

Now, last year my cousin played this game at my house…he passed out. Be safe Bear fans, but have fun and Bear Down.