Let’s Play the Chris Conte Drinking Game


What is the Chris Conte drinking game? Well, it involves the Chicago Bears and booze, so it has to be fun. So lets play!

Here is what you need:

Beer (replace with wine if feeling fancy)

Your favorite shot drink, whether it’s tequila, whiskey, bourbon, vodka, or whatever floats your boat.

WARNING: You will get hammered. Do not drive after playing this game.

Chris Conte Drinking Game

1. When Conte is lined up at least 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage -Drink of beer- This happens a lot. You will go through a few beers in the first half

2. Conte chases a RB or receiver into the endzone -1 shot of your favorite drink

3. Conte trips/falls while not being touched when trying to make a tackle -1 shot of your favorite drink

4. Conte misses a tackle, gets hands on player, misses tackle -1 drink of beer

5. Conte whiffs in pass coverage (covering someone and falls down or misses a ball in the air) -1 shot of your favorite drink

6. Conte misses interception and lets ball go through his hands -2 shots of your favorite drink

7. Conte commits a penalty -2 drinks of beer or 1 shot of your favorite alcohol, your choice

Now, last year my cousin played this game at my house…he passed out. Be safe Bear fans, but have fun and Bear Down.

My name is Jake Sellner, from Barrington Illinois. Studying communications and sports broadcasting. Die hard Bears fan also love the Hawks and Bulls but not as obsessed as I am with the Bears. Cutty fan for life type one diabetics have to stick together. Favorite quote-Lance Briggs" So you know uh, screw the Packers"