Kyrie Irving and Derrick Rose Are Incredibly Similar

Rose Irving

Derrick Rose and Kyrie Irving are almost identical players on the basketball court (minus the injuries). When you examine the numbers behind their careers, you will find out just how comparable these two are.

Let’s take a look.

Draft Status

Kyrie Irving: #1 overall 2011

Derrick Rose: #1 overall 2008

Physical Build

Kyrie Irving: 6’3″ , 193 lbs

Derrick Rose: 6’3″ , 190 lbs

FG% First Year In NBA

Kyrie Irving: .469%

Derrick Rose: .475%

Career Rebound Average

Kyrie Irving: 3.7 rebs

Derrick Rose: 3.8 rebs

Career Points Average

Kyrie Irving: 20.7 pts

Derrick Rose: 20.8 pts

Career Assists Average

Kyrie Irving: 5.8 asts

Derrick Rose: 6.8 asts

We could keep going, but you guys get the idea. When compared side-by-side for their careers, Derrick Rose and Kyrie Irving are incredibly similar, every vital stat is very close between the two. When Chicago Bulls fans discuss the possiblity of beating the Cleveland Cavaliers this year, make sure you factor in that Rose and Irving will probably cancel each other out. Unlike their battles against Miami, Cleveland will have a true PG that is considered elite – not Mario Chalmers.

So, in-essence, it will be Lebron James and Kevin Love vs. the rest of the Chicago Bulls team … that doesn’t sound too good. Obviously defense and depth will all play a role, but very few people have considered that Irving is just as good as, if not better than Rose. Right now, it would be best to consider them equal from the evidence we have.

That kind of elite play at the PG position is what makes Cleveland’s ‘big 3’ much scarier than what Miami has been for the last four years.

Editor’s Note …

You didn’t think we would end it there did you?  Everyone reading this is a Derrick Rose fan …. right?

Here’s a few nuggets that skew the rest of the numbers ….

  • In 2010-11, Derrick Rose had 23 double doubles — that’s almost twice as many as Irving has for his career. (12)
  • Rose averages 25.1 pts on the playoffs for his career (29 games), Kyrie Irving has yet to record one minute in a playoff game.
  • Since the 1955-56 season, the NBA MVP award has been given out to the best player each season, Derrick Rose has one …. Kyrie Irving will spend the rest of his career polishing Lebron’s.

See Red.