Jesus Montero Wastes a Perfectly Good Ice Cream Sandwich


Jesus Montero was once thought of as the top prospect in the Mariners farm system and top 10 in all of baseball. In more recent times,  Montero has had a rough go at it in the minors. This year he came to spring training 40 lbs over weight and has battled injury.

Why Waste Such a Delicious Snack!?!

Thursday night his temper boiled over. He was being heckled by Mariners scout, Butch Baccala, who was coaching first base. Baccala was yelling at him to hustle off of the field after an inning. Baccala then proceeded to have an ice cream sandwich delivered to Montero in the dugout.

Miguel Montero Ice Cream

Montero did not find the gesture humorous. He responded by throwing the ice cream sandwich back at the scout and attempting to charge into the stands after him with a bat in hand. Maybe Montero is more into cookies?

Montero will not be playing baseball anymore in 2014. Somehow, I don’t think that will solve the problem of wasted ice cream, which is clearly the most important part in all of this.