Jay Cutler Featured On Sports Illustrated Cover

Sports Illustrated asks “Where did all the gunslingers go?”

jay cutler gun slinger

Jay Cutler remains in the center of the Chicago Bears spotlight after raking in $54 million guaranteed this off-season, his recent appearance on the latest cover of Sports Illustrated only reinforced that.

Titled: “Where did all the gunslingers go?” … Sports Illustrated features Smokin’ Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford on the cover of the ‘NFL Preview ’14’, 66 pages of “deep-dive scouting reports.”

The Chicago Bears‘ Jay Cutler and the Detroit Lions‘ Matthew Stafford share our NFC North cover. Neither of the quarterbacks’ teams made the playoffs last season — but for entirely different reasons. (Full Article Here)

“Its like 22 Jump Street when Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill both try to play football”

Kyle Knopp, Sports Mockery Columnist

jay cutler sports illusrated

 Photo: Sports Illustrated, Joe Vaughn

This isn’t the first time Cutler has been featured on the cover of SI though, he was also featured back in 2011 when the Chicago Bears played the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game. The Packers won that game, 21-14 after Cutler’s famous knee injuryjay-cutler-si-cover