Jay Cutler Agrees, Palmer in Buffalo is Odd

Jay Cutler Agrees, Palmer in Buffalo is Odd

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With Jordan Palmer joining the Buffalo Bills, the Chicago Bears Week 1 opponent, Jay Cutler was asked Tuesday during his press conference if he was worried about Palmer giving information to the Bills. Cutler said that the situation was “not ideal”.

“It’s not exactly what you want,” Cutler said. “He can give them things I’m sure. He knows snap counts, some of the stuff we do with our checks, what plays we like. But they still have to defend it. So we won’t change much if anything, maybe a few tweaks here and there. But we’ll just have to go play football and see how it goes.”

It violates football code to give secrets of an offense or defense to another team, but it happens. Teams try to get every advantage they can to beat their opponents in the NFL. Let’s just hope Palmer doesn’t give the Bills to much, and keeps true to his words.

Full Cutler interview. #PalmerGate

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