Jay Cutler: 2nd Best Quarterback In NFL Right Now


Pro Football Focus (PFF) has a variety of stats on the 2014 pre-season so far, and Jay Cutler has graded out quite well. Cutler’s impressive performance consisted of 9/13 passing with 85 yards and one touchdown vs. the Eagles, that equals out to a 112.7 quarterback rating.

Cutler’s overall grade from PFF is a 2.5 which currently ranks him #2 in the NFL. The only two players ahead of him are rookies, Jimmy Garoppolo and Blake Bortles (he’s actually tied with Jimmy G.).


As interesting as that is … the offensive line deserves just as much credit, if not more. If you notice, Cutler didn’t get sacked or hit once during his 13 pass attempts…makes things a bit easier when you can stand up in the pocket.

Cutler finished the season as the 10th best quarterback in 2013, right behind Josh McCown.

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