Javier Baez and His Swing

Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs

Javier Baez’s debut so far in the major leagues has been “hit or miss”. I mean that in a literal sense, Baez has either hit a home run or struck out in exactly half of his 74 major league at-bats. While he has shown some extreme power, his strikeout rate is troubling. Most of his power in generated from the wild hack of a swing he has. Of course, since he only 21, he still has a lot of time to go before he reaches his prime years, but that swing could generate some problems down the road.

When Javier Baez makes contact, it’s a terrific sight. There really isnt much doubt about his natural power; however, his swing is so wild, for every “Javy-Bomb”, he has games like the one he had Thursday night.

If he is to survive in this league, he needs to reform the swing. When Baez continues to swing like that, day after day for a season, he’s going to be fatigued by Memorial¬† Day. Mechanically speaking, ¬† his swing is atrocious. A good swing is controlled, without the wildness that Baez employs. So far, that swing hasn’t been effective against the off-speed pitches, and if he doesn’t change his ways, pitchers will keep exploiting him.

With his current swing, Baez rotates his back, contorting it so much that he nearly falls to the ground after a swing. While he hasn’t that many at bats thus far in the Major League level, the more at-bats he takes, the more he increases his injury risk. A swing like that will land Baez on the disabled list with some sort of back injury.

As stated earlier, he’s only 21, so there’s time to possibly change his ways, but it’s a dangerous proposition. A player’s swing is very personal, and if it’s meddled with too much, it could do irreparable damage. The Cubs need to cautiously try and make the swing safer. If not, we could be looking at what could have been, rather than what could be.

So, while Javier Baez has taken the Cubs by storm, the very swing that has gotten him to this point could be his undoing.  Mechanically, Javier Baez is doing more harm than good; however, as he progresses and matures, so too may his swing. The Cubs need to keep a close eye on Baez, he could hold the key to the future.

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