History Shows Cutler Will Improve With Trestman In Year 2


Chicago Bears Football- The career of Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman has spanned over multiple teams through multiple decades. In his 30+ years as a coach, Trestman has molded the minds of quarterbacks in the NCAA, CFL and NFL. He’s been a member of 14 different organizations and coached over 19 starting NFL quarterbacks. He coached Rich Gannon to the 2002 NFL MVP award while in Oakland, helped Scott Mitchell pass for the fourth-most yards in a season (3, 484) in Detroit Lions history and was a part of the San Francisco 49ers teams that led the NFL in points scored (457), pass attempts (644) and passing yards (4779) in 1995. He also has had the opportunity to coach Bernie Kosar when the young quarterback led the Miami Hurricanes to their first national championship.

Even with all these accomplishments, it took Trestman over 25 years to become the head coach of his own team. And when he did, he made the most of the opportunity. During his time with the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL, Trestman complied a 59-31 record, two Grey Cup titles and the 2009 CFL Coach of the Year Award. While all these are personal and team accomplishments, Trestman’s most notable success with an individual player would have to be that of turning quarterback Anthony Calvillo into a CFL MVP for a second and third time. This success, like all those listed above only further prove Trestman’s undeniable value to the offensive side of the football, let alone the quarterback position. This is why in his second season under Marc Trestman, Jay Cutler has the opportunity to have the best season of his career.

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Jay’s First Year

In 2013, GM Phil Emery hired Marc Trestman for the sole purpose of reinventing Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears offense. His goal was to get the most out of Jay, something that had yet to be accomplished in his career. Through dedication by both sides, Cutler had arguably the best season of his career, all while playing in just 11 games. His 89.2 passer rating and 238.2 yards per game were the best of his career. He also completed 63.1% of his passes, just 0.4% off his 2007 mark of 63.6%. Cutler also matched his total touchdowns thrown from the year before (19), while playing in four fewer games. If he’d been able to continue that pace, he would have set a new career high.

While these numbers are impressive, they don’t matter much now that the 2014 season is about one month away. All that matters now is that Cutler continues to improve on what was a very strong effort in 2013. Say what you’d like, but one of the major reasons for Cutler’s success last season clearly was Marc Trestman.

The Trestman Effect

As many reporters, players, coaches and Bears front office members continue to preach, another year in Trestman’s system will only help Cutler and the Bears offense. It’s scary to think that this team could be any better on the offensive side of the football than they were last season, but if Cutler shows the same improvement other quarterbacks have in their second year working with Trestman, he is primed to set new career highs yet again.

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The 2014 MVP … Jay Cutler?

A couple weeks ago, Bears Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall told the media that Jay Cutler would win the MVP this season. Even though that may be going out on a limb, Cutler wouldn’t be the first quarterback under Trestman’s watch to be named the best player in the NFL. Rich Gannon did it as a member of the Oakland Raiders in his second year under Trestman, while also leading the team to a Super Bowl appearance.

Listen to Da Coach

Many things still need to happen this season if Cutler wants to continue the historical trend of improvement by quarterbacks in the second year of Coach Trestman’s system, but Jay seems to have done everything right to this point in terms of preparing himself for the year to come.

With the season only a month away, everything is set up for Jay to succeed. Trestman has proven multiple times over the course of his career that he knows how to get the most out of his quarterback. Now, all Jay needs to do is listen and follow his lead.