“Who You Got?” Fantasy Football Edition 2.0


Fantasy Football drafts are in full swing and this weekend will close out the festivities as the regular season will open Thursday, September 4th. Yes, we’re that close people!

In our first edition of “Who You Got?” we touched on the struggles some owners face when they’re on the clock during draft day. It’s hard to look at your personal list vs the “expert” rankings with a minute or so winding down, only to fall into the “higher ranking” trap. It’s all about being bold and taking chances that can payoff big time.

Luckily, there are some articles like this that can help guide you through these tough decisions. So here’s another look at three players you should draft over ones that are ranked higher.

*All sites/experts are different but for this instance we’re using Standard League Rankings at position from ESPN*

1.)    Tom Brady (12th) over Andrew Luck (5th)

If you’re in a Dynasty or Keeper League, Andrew Luck is your guy, plain and simple. Most fantasy players are in re-draft leagues however, so in this instance, you want Tom Brady. It wasn’t long ago that Mr. Brady was a top 5 QB and the fact he’s falling in drafts is ridiculous. He WILL have Rob Gronkowski in 2014 and another year with his wide receivers/Shane Vereen has the recipe for a top 5 finish at QB.

Luck is good and he’ll be a top QB soon enough but that time isn’t now. I would have no problem grabbing him should he fall in the right spot. He’s in line for a solid year with wide receivers T.Y. Hilton, Hakeem Nicks and Reggie Wayne. The point of the article is to help you take players who are ranked lower and this a great example to kick it off.

So when you’re up this weekend and see Andrew Luck and Tom Brady when deciding on your QB, don’t fall into the trap. Go with the guy married to Gisele.

2.)    Andre Ellington (20th) vs Zac Stacy (11th)

Andre Ellington is going to be really good this year. There are all kinds of reports that he can see anywhere from 20-30 touches a game. Wherever he  does fall in that range, Ellington is an explosive player that Bruce Arians will want to have in the game a lot. He’s a threat to to take it the house every time he touches the ball, and he’s going to finish in the top 15 in 2014.

Zac Stacy was awesome last year and people are all about him for repeated success. In fantasy football there’e never guarantees so tread carefully with him. What seems to go overlooked by the average owner is the way Benny Cunningham has played this preseason for the St. Louis Rams. Cunningham averaged 5.3 yards in 15 attempts while Stacy averaged 2.6 in the same amount. You don’t have to believe in the preseason to think this matters, but Benny played his way onto the Rams radar for more playing time and what happens if Stacy struggles? Cunningham will make this a situation worth monitoring and one you might not want to.

These guys are close but this year Andre is going to separate himself so don’t think twice about taking the former Clemson Tiger, Mr. Ellington.

3.)    Cordarelle Patterson (23rd) vs Larry Fitzgerald (13th)

Cordarelle Patterson is going to be a star this season so this is the final chance to get him for a good bargain. Owners are catching up on Patterson, who has been creeping up drafts and this is where you shouldn’t be afraid to reach for the Minnesota Viking youngster. He’s an explosive player that is going to shine under Norv Turner. A top 15 finish maybe even top 10 is something that might surprise some but not me.

Going back to Pitt, I’ve always loved Larry Fitzgerald. This is not a knock against his ridiculous hands or his game, but Michael Floyd might be overtaking him as the top Arizona Cardinal WR. Fitzgerald is in a weird spot with his 13th ranking so while you might see him in round 3 and jump at him, you’re not crazy to pass.

Wide Receiver is deep this year so you want a guy who has major upside and if you can get Cordarelle in the fifth round, you’re going to be very happy. I’d even reach for him in the 4th round and gladly overlook Fitzgerald.

As always thanks for reading Sports Mockery and comments are always welcome, especially with fantasy football…

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