Good Guy Jay Cutler to Help Out Jackie Robinson West

Good Guy Jay Cutler to Help Out Jackie Robinson West

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Most of you all thought Jay Cutler was an a**hole. It turns out Cutler is a better guy than you all thought.

A spokesperson for Jay Cutler’s charity organization, the Jay Cutler Foundation, announced today that Jay Cutler will be donating $15,000 to Jackie Robinson West, the local little league team. In addition, each member of the team will get a signed jersey from Cutler. In addition to that donation, the Jay Cutler Foundation will be making another $15,000 donation, in the name of Jackie Robinson West, to underprivileged kids with diabetes living in Chicago.

Cutler has always been active in the community, especially when it comes to children with diabetes. In early May, Cutler visited a Chicago High School after a writing contest was held about the Bears QB, focusing on how Cutler inspired them.

This is the second donation to the little league team after a group of major league baseball players donated money to help the kids parents to get to the games, so they can watch their kids play.

Jay Cutler may not look like the nicest person on the field, but when it comes to helping in the community, Cutler is a great guy. Good job Jay, good job.

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