{GIF} The History of the Blackhawks Uniforms

{GIF} The History of the Blackhawks Uniforms

It is a pretty slow time of the year (at least it is just a brief period of time) for the Chicago Blackhawks. So before camp starts and we all dive into position battles and people saying “this guy sucks” or “this guy is undervalued” I thought it would be cool for a quick history of Blackhawks uniforms.

This pretty cool .gif from nextimpulsesports.com shows you every variation of uniform the Chicago Blackhawks have worn throughout the years.

What I really like about the .gif is the attention to detail. If just a stripe on the shorts was added they added it as a new design.

08 - Chicago Blackhawks

Also this is a very cool picture of the old Chicago Stadium with a crowd lined up around the corner to see their beloved Blackhawks play.


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