Doug McDermott “Hand-Crafted By God” To Play For The Chicago Bulls


The Chicago Bulls fans are very excited about the new additions to the team for the 2014-15 season, mainly centered around Derrick Rose. However, Doug McDermott has also been creating quite a buzz. Even though he’s only a rookie, McDermott is expected to thrive in the Chicago Bulls’ system and the front-office isn’t being candid about it.

Joel Brigham, from Basketball Insiders,  says the Bulls are talking about McDermott like he’s some sort of God:

The Bulls talk about McDermott like he was hand-crafted by God to play for them, so I think he’ll see a lot of floor time, and based on what I’ve seen so far and know about the kid, I think he’ll do plenty with his time on the floor. Mirotic will be good, too, but barring an injury he’ll play less. If only by attrition, I think that gives McD the better shot at immediate success.

Knowledgeable Bulls fans are convinced that McDermott’s role will be limited simply because Tom Thibodeau normally doesn’t play rookies, but ‘McBuckets’ may have already made his case for playing time.

Well, before Tony Snell last season, Tom Thibodeau had sort of a reputation in Chicago for red-shirting his rookies for a year, but I don’t think that’ll be the case with McDermott. He’s older than most rookies, plenty accomplished offensively and mature enough to handle a reasonable amount of responsibility as far as playing time is concerned. I think how much he plays depends on how well he can hang defensively with the league’s most talented small forwards.

The Chicago Bulls finished 16th in scoring and 14th in three pointers made for the 2014 season, McDermott specializes in both of these categories. He lead the nation in scoring with 26.7 points per game at Creighton and became the first player in 29 years to be named to the AP All-American first team three times.

College success doesn’t always translate to the NBA level, but when your dad is your coach and you can score from anywhere on the court — your chances increase quite a bit.

Not quite sure he’s ready to be referred to as a “God” though, defense is expected to be a very big concern for the rook.