It’s Definitely the Summer of Patrick Kane


The summer of Patrick Kane continues. Kane signed an 8 year extension to get things going and has been having himself a great summer ever since.

Kane has donated a new locker room to a South Side hockey team, started his ad campaign with Gatorade, got into a dance off with the captain of his team, covered up people’s shirts when they have another team’s logo on them and finally he has showed up at random beer league games in Buffalo.

Well now he can add MVP of the Fattey League Championship to that list.

“Kane was named MVP of the Fattey League Championship after leading Milli Vanilli to a victory over Pet Shop Boys in the Rust Belt title game on Tuesday night. The twelve team, twelve week league was formed in 2005 and is considered Buffalo’s elite summer hockey league. The total cost for each member is $265.00, which shouldn’t be a problem for Kane considering he signed an eight-year, $84 million contract extension with the Hawks last month.”

It’s good to be Patrick Kane.

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