Jay Cutler Is a Prick Sometimes, but He’s Absolutely Right

Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler can be a little rough around the edges. Sometimes I think he is jokingly sarcastic, which still rubs people the wrong way. In a recent media scrum, Cutler bashed reporters’ line of questioning yet again.

Now, if Cutler talks to his coaches, who he is supposed to be respectful towards, like a trucker, imagine how he feels about the media. Yes, you are supposed to be friendly to the media. You’re supposed to be friendly so they can write happy things about you, and present you in a good light. What if they still bash you? Why be nice then?

Jay Cutler Is Right

Everyone has a different opinion and perspective on ranges of topics discussed in the off-season and preseason alike. Some players want to talk strictly about football, and some players like keeping it light, and DO ENJOY talking about things like their Madden ratings and the VMA Awards. Some people don’t like to talk at all.

Cutler donated $15, 000 to the JRW baseball team. All I could think about when seeing that is how people will demand he donate more, and why only $15, 000? If it were anyone else on the Bears, they would be praised, but since it’s Cutler, and he’s a dick, so it’s not enough.

For some inane reason, it is expected that athletes become media darlings. An athlete’s job should mostly stay on the field. Their job off the field ostensibly is to not be Fred Smoot, Aaron Hernandez, or Adam Jones. Not too difficult, for most of them, at least.

Jay Cutler might be a prick, or a douche, or whatever your favorite adjective may be to describe someone with permanent jerk face. But in this case, he’s right. The media likes to make up stories instead of report them sometimes. When news is slow, they grasp at straws. They have a job to do. Jay Cutler has a job to do as well, and that job isn’t to please the media, it’s to win football games.

VIARob Grabowski
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