Chicago Cubs Refused to Trade Edwin Jackson

Chicago Cubs, Edwin Jackson

It was recently revealed by USA Today that the Chicago Cubs turned down a deal with the Atlanta Braves that would essentially trade Edwin Jackson for Braves OF B.J. Upton.

Fans would do almost anything to ship Jackson out of town, but taking on Upton’s contract and strikeouts made it an irrational move for Cubs brass. Not only does Upton have more career strikeouts than hits, but over the past two seasons in Atlanta, Upton has nearly TWICE as many strikeouts as hits.

Add in the $49 million Upton is owed through 2017, and it seems that Edwin Jackson isn’t such a bad option to have on your roster after all. It also doesn’t make sense when you have 90% of your position players of the future coming up, and throwing away $49 million dollars would be silly even for the Cubs.

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