Cubs Claiming Hamels Proves Two Things

cole hamels cubs

Reports are surfacing that the Cubs have put in a claim for Cole Hamels. Whether or not a deal is forthcoming, this proves two things …

  1. Theo/Hoyer obviously reads Sports Mockery. I am available anytime if you want to bounce trade possibilities off me.
  2. Cubs are poised for an exciting offseason.

Before Cubs fans get too excited, a deal for Hamels is probably unlikely this season unless Theo/Hoyer get aggressive as Brett Taylor from Bleacher Nation points out.

The Phillies are reportedly “asking for the world” for Hamels before the July 31st deadline. Phillies are clearly in retool mode so they will have to adjust price at some point. Ultimately, they will probably pull Hamels back  and wait until the offseason, when they can negotiate with 29 teams instead of just one.

However,  what this proves is that the Cubs will be targeting top of the rotation type pitchers in the offseason. They will have money to spend. Alfonso Soriano’s contract is coming off the books. They were in the bidding for Masahio Tanaka before he eventually went to the Yankees. Between those two contracts alone, you are near $50 million.  Javy Baez’s debut increased tv ratings by 43%. The renewed excitement and interest in the Cubs is perfect timing as Cubs are negotiating a TV deal as their contract with WGN expires after the season, which will bring more revenue until they can start their own network in 2019.

The Cubs are turning the corner and looking to compete in 2015. Only one thing left to do…