Chris Sale’s Awesome Post Game Tradition

341 Chicago White Sox Reporter Scott Merkin let fans in on a little game that Chris Sale likes to play in his post game interviews. Apparently the lefty has a “word of the start” that he must use in proper context during the interviews. Bryan Johnson, the White Sox video coordinator, lets Sale know the word before each start in which he’s used them after every game besides Opening Day.

The list of words that Chris has used are:

• Juxtapose (April 11)
• Consternation (April 17)
• Ameliorate (May 22)
• Acquiesce (May 27)
• Capitulated (June 1)
• Nascence (June 7)
• Ruminate (June 12)
• Repudiate (June 18)
• Antithetic (June 23)
• Dichotomy (June 28)
• Cacophony (July 4)
• Adjudicate (July 9)
• Ubiquitous (July 21)
• Voracious (July 26)
• Prescience (Aug. 1)
• Amalgamation (Aug. 6)

Chris Sale just keeps finding ways to become even more awesome. After this I’m sure fans will start watching his post game interviews more closely to see if they can catch his impressive vocabulary.

What could be even funnier is if the White Sox ace runs into trouble with one of the words, he know what to do:

“One of these times, I’m going to have to blurt it out, whatever it might be, ” a smiling Sale said. “Just, ‘Oh, yeah by the way, this, ‘ and walk away.”

Source: Chicago White Sox