Chicago Bears Roster Cuts: 1st Round Winners and Losers


Mixed emotions always cloud the issue during roster cuts.  Here are some Chicago Bears winner and losers from the 1st wave.

Winner:  Jordan Lynch

The local hero from Northern Illinois survived the early part of the first wave.  To the surprise of many Michael Ford was the first running released from the roster, meaning Jordan Lynch is still alive.  The former quarterback hasn’t played much in preseason but has shown well in his few opportunities.  Chicago may want to see him in action against Cleveland before making any sort of decision.

Loser:  Adrian Wilson

The five-time Pro Bowler received an extended look by the Bears through three weeks of preseason but in the end he has proven too much of a liability in coverage.  Being 34-years old and returning from off-season surgery hampered him, but ultimately it was the steady play from Ryan Mundy that likely did him in.  Wilson may catch on somewhere else, which may explain why Chicago released him so soon.

Winner:  Marcus Trice         

While the veteran mourns the latest setback to his career, a mini celebration should be held for rookie Marcus Trice.  Nobody gave the 5’8″ kid from North Texas any hope as an undrafted free agent.  He was just a tryout player during off-season rookie practices.  He played well enough to earn an invitation to training camp.  To think he made it through the first series of cuts is a testament to his determination and understated talent.

Loser:  Isaiah Frey

The Chicago Bears did release two cornerbacks.  Was it too much for Isaiah Frey to ask that one of them be Demontre Hurst or C.J. Wilson?  Those two youngsters have played some really good football of late with Hurst showcased his tackling while Wilson has two interceptions.  Meanwhile Frey has watched helplessly from the sideline nursing a hamstring injury.  Unless he returns in time, he could go from starting at nickel corner in 2013 to being off the roster entirely.

Image Source:  ESPNCDN