Why the Chicago Bears Cut Jordan Lynch


Sadly, fan favorites don’t always get the generous bounces.  Jordan Lynch learned that when the Chicago Bears cut him.  So why did it happen?

Shaun Draughn and Senorise Perry created tough numbers game

Even many great players throughout the history of the NFL have been cut.  Most of the time it’s because a coach either doesn’t recognize his value or more likely is put in a tough spot because other players at the same position have played well.  That is the case for Lynch.  While he looked good in the few carries he had during preseason, his inexperience playing at running back (he was a quarterback in college) was telling.  Running the ball wasn’t his problem but receiving, pass protection and special teams are all new to him.

They are not new to veteran Shaun Draughn or rookie Senorise Perry.  Both had Lynch beat in those critical categories, something the Bears coaches have repeatedly said are essential to being a running back on that offense.  Draughn is the most experienced and has familiarity with a similar type of offensive scheme, which gave him an early advantage.  On the other hand, Perry flashed value as a kick returner because of his speed and he played running back in college at Louisville.

Perhaps the key to the entire situation rests with the practice squad.  Most assumed that if Lynch didn’t crack the roster he would end up there, especially after the NFL announced it was growing from eight to ten slots.  However, Chicago was put in a bind from the very start.  Draughn is 26-years old and no longer eligible.  So keeping him on the roster was their only option.  That meant it would be either Perry or Lynch for the practice squad, in which case Perry wins out because of his speed and special teams value.

Jordan Lynch did what he could with the opportunities he had, but in the end he was undone with the Chicago Bears because he was outnumbered and outexperienced.

Image Source:  Scout

Erik Lambert
Brainwashed by the sports culture as a wee lad, Erik was educated to be a writer at the prestigious Columbia College. He has spent the past 10 years covering the Bears.