Check Out This Sexy First Pitch at The Dodgers Game


Last night at the Dodgers game, super model Chrissy Teigen threw out the first pitch and it was the sexiest first pitch of the 2014 MLB season. She stretched out the glutes a few times by bending over before she wound up and delivered the pitch. She then ran and leaped into a Dodger players arms. Oh how I envy that ball player. Right after the pitch, she wrestled her friend Bonnie Cook and talked about her favorite food when she is intoxicated, McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Hence why the back of her jersey says “Nugz” and the number forty is there because her husband gave her the nickname “40 Nugz.” Oh how I envy that man as well.


The most impressive part about the pitch? She was drunk.

It looks like she is paying for it today though.

This was Teigen prior to the game.

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And this is because I love this woman.

Hola!! Como se dice "boobs" @GQmexico

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