Can Jay Cutler Stay Healthy in 2014?

Jay Cutler Injury

Jay Cutler has not played a full season for the Bears since he was acquired in 2009, only playing in 11 games in the 2013 season. Cutler is a solid QB when he is healthy, some would even say great when healthy and paired with the best receiver duo in the NFL.  But, can Cutler stay healthy for a full season and lead this team into the postseason?

The next Bears preseason game is this Friday night against the Seahawks at 9 p.m. CST. This game will be pivotal in showing Jay’s resilience since Seattle has a great defense which will pressure and test Cutler on every down.

Coming out of this game healthy is the key for Cutler. With the O-Line solidified for the first time since the days of the J’marcus Webb revolving door era, the new look Bears O-Line should be able to give Cutler the protection he needs this year.

This is the third preseason game and the starters should play well into the third quarter if history repeats itself. NFL rosters need to be cut down to 75 on August 26th and down to the final 53-man roster on August 30th. This game is critical for Jay Cutler moving forward.

Can Cutler can stay healthy through all 16 games? If he can, he could power the Bears right into the playoffs, and they could be a serious Super Bowl contender come January.