How Much Trust Can Bulls Fans Put In Derrick Rose?

Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose

As Derrick Rose continues to play with the U.S. Basketball team en route to a championship with them,  Chicago Bulls fans can’t help but wonder when the Bulls will get one of their own. If that is going to happen, Derrick Rose needs to prove that the team and Bulls fans can trust him.

Rose’s Latest FIBA Performance

It’s a good thing that Rose is playing with some of the best competition in the world right now, because he can get back into his regular form before the NBA season starts. He is currently splitting time with Kyrie Irving at point guard, and during the last exhibition game against Slovenia in Spain, Rose missed all three of his field-goal attempts.

He did, however get to the line six times, including four upon his immediate entry to the game in the first quarter, but he made just three of those attempts. He also turned the ball over three times and had just one assist in 20 minutes.

Summer Minutes Will Help Fall Numbers

The numbers Rose had in this game don’t reflect how he is going to be in the regular season. He is getting used to playing in competitive fashion and is shaking the last bit of rust off. As far as the Bulls go, Bulls fans should feel comfortable putting full trust in Rose. Full trust that he will have a healthy, productive season. And full trust that Rose will once again be a leader on this team and lead them through deep playoff runs.

Every Chicago Bulls fan can put trust into him because we have seen the recovery from both of his injuries. Controversy aside, Rose has put in tremendous work to get his body back into MVP caliber form. Derrick may not win an MVP again with other players in the league that have skyrocketed into superstars, but Rose is ready to lead the Bulls into something great.

It will be really entertaining if the Bulls and Cavaliers do meet in the Eastern Conference Finals, as many are already predicting. So feel comfortable in putting trust in Rose and the rest of the Chicago Bulls as they try to bring a seventh ring to the organization, the city,  and the fans.