Chicago Bulls Interested in Signing NBA Journeyman

Chicago Bulls, Leandro Barbosa

The Chicago Bulls may be passing up on signing area product E’Twaun Moore and heading in a different direction. News out of Brazil is suggesting that the Bulls may be interested in signing NBA Journeyman Leandro Barbosa.

Barbosa has played for five NBA teams, most notably the Phoenix Suns, as well as teams in Brazil over the past few seasons. During Team USA’s game with Brazil during the FIBA World Cup friendlies, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau had meetings with both Brazil’s entrepreneurs and Barbosa himself.

While Thibs would like to have a veteran over a younger player, the Bulls may be nearing the salary cap. Barbosa would likely come at a one year deal for the veteran minimum of $1.5 million. The Miami Heat are also interested in the free agent as well.

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