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Brian Scalabrine has always been a fan favorite wherever he plays, whether it’s Boston or Chicago, everyone seems to love him and it is one thing Chicago and Boston sports fans can agree on. We all love Scal. Today, Scalabrine spoofed LeBron James’ famous coming home letter and the results were legendary.

In his coming home letter, Scal talks about why he chose to leave Boston for Chicago, and his famous “White Mamba” nickname.

Scal on Chicago being his third home,

“Remember when I spurned the Celtics and signed with the Chicago Bulls in 2010?  Actually I begged Ainge to keep me and he wished me the best of luck.  I was thinking, “This is really tough.”  I could feel it.  I left something I had spent five years creating.  I haven’t paid for a meal since 2008.  What if all of this goes away? But if I had to do it all over again, I’d probably still have left.  Chicago, for me, has always been like graduate school.  I myself had always considered getting my MBA at Northwestern.  These past four years helped bolster my resume to showcase the well-rounded individual I am.  I’m a better player, a better coach, a better broadcaster, and a better Mamba.  I’ve learned a great deal in my time spent with four franchises…actually five if you count my stint in Italy because of the lockout. What was the purpose of the lockout again?   I will always think of Chicago as my third home and Oakland probably as my fourth home…but not like downtown Oakland, more like the suburbs.  Without the experiences I’ve had in these places, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing today.”

Scal went on to talk about why he chose Chicago and the food,

I went to Chicago because of Tibs and D-Rose and the crazy energy of Joakim Noah, and it was my only job offer in the states.  I loved becoming an everyday customer at Giordano’s Pizza, the free meals were back.  I loved the fans and the creation of the White Mamba by Stacy King. Chicago was exactly what I needed and I believed we could do something magical if we came together.  But we fell short.

As Chicagoans we should feel blessed that Scal blessed us with his presence for two short years and we all owe him a huge thank you.

Source: Comcast

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