The Best Chicago Bulls Knockoff Jersey You Will Ever See

chicago bulls knockoff jersey

Ok, let me present a scenario for you …. you’re at the beach and a guy comes walking by covered in Chinese tattoos – but has a hot chick with him…. two things immediately happen.

#1. You probably mumble something along the lines of “nice tattoos dude” (sarcasm)

#2. You wonder, what the hell does that even say?

Most people just trust the experts at the tattoo shop … the most common Chinese symbol tattoos are “love” , “strength” , “honor” , etc.

How many people actually look these up themselves and verify?  Next to none.

Enter this guy.

Poor chap. Somebody gave him a “Bluls” jersey and didn’t even have the decency to tell him (we are assuming) that the team name is mis-spelled.

This tourist, presumably American and presumably a tourist, couldn’t contain himself and had to snap a pic. Well done sir.