Bears Linebacker Coach Reggie Herring High on Shea McClellin


After a relatively poor showing in the Bears’ first preseason game, a win against the Philadelphia Eagles, fans are crying out against LB Shea McClellin. Although Shea was an outside linebacker in college, the Chicago Bears organization decided to use him as a pass rusher on the defensive line last season. This sort of hybrid play is normal in a 3-4 system but did not work well in the Bears’ 4-3 defensive scheme. Now, in his second year in the NFL, Shea has been moved back to outside linebacker and toned down. Glimpses of his ability were shown and it seems the big plays will come.

Reggie Herring says Shea is a go

Linebackers coach Reggie Herring, a former college standout linebacker and long-time NFL coach is being quoted on Twitter by Sun-Times reporter Mark Potash:



Reggie Herring has a long record of coaching very good players including DeMarcus Ware and helped the Dallas Cowboys lead the league with 59 sacks in 2008.