Adam Eaton Re-Injured, DL Possible

Chicago White Sox

After a nine pitch at-bat to lead off the Chicago White Sox game tonight, Adam Eaton grounded out to third base, only to jog towards first, grabbing his rib cage. Eaton was quoted before the game saying that “low back” was the reason he was held out of Thursday night’s contest, “but it’s kind of a whole body” issue. For those that weren’t aware, Eaton crashed, head-first, into the fence Wednesday night, trying to catch a home run.

A lower back strain with some rib pain is never a good sign, and there’s potential Eaton strained his oblique as well. The team will certainly run some tests, if not an MRI, and see if Eaton can’t shake it off after a few days.

With the Sox seemingly pitching themselves out of the playoffs, and Eaton’s familiarity with the DL already this year, it may be prudent to let the 25 year old rest up. It’s too bad Avisail Garcia isn’t ready to re-join the big league club. Although if he keeps performing this well over this rehab stint, he should be back sooner than later.

Photo: Sun-Times

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