Adam Eaton headed to 15-day DL


The White Sox confirmed today that Adam Eaton will be heading to the 15 day disabled list. We reported last night that Eaton left the game against the Mariners after grounding out to 3rd, holding his ribs as he ran.

The Sox confirmed Eaton has a right oblique strain. This is bad news for the Sox, once the 15 days are up it’s likely Eaton will need even more time. Oblique strains are known to slow down players for a significant amount of time and these injuries make seasoned managers like Jim Leyland scared.

While Eaton is out, the Sox have called up AAA outfielder, Jordan Danks. Danks certainly isn’t a new face to the club, as he has already played in over 20 games this season along with nearly 80 games last year. While his .098 AVG this season isn’t the best, he’s at least been doing well in AAA.

Since the White Sox are on the west coast, Danks won’t be in the line-up.


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