Adam Eaton and the Big Green Wall


As Sports Mockery reported earlier, Adam Eaton went toe-to-toe with the outfield wall at The Cell Tuesday afternoon and lost. He may not have caught the ball, but his face-smashing effort put him in some good company.

Even among White Sox past and present, Eaton is hardly the first player to lose track of the fence in a baseball game.

In fact, the jumpy outfielder’s efforts brought to mind former Sox outfielder Aaron Rowand, who also made a habit of wall-banging throughout his career in the big leagues.

Here’s Rowand as a Philly robbing the Mets of extra bases.

For some non-Sox flavor, here’s Shane Victorino smashing into Fenway’s right field fence to not rob Emilio Bonifacio of a two-run shot.

At least Alex Gordon caught this shot to left field. He even blows a bubble right as he’s standing up.

To end things on a positive note, Adam doesn’t always crash into the wall when he’s trying to make a highlight reel grab. Remember this effort from back in April when he robbed Big Papi of a home run? Still good!

Dan Kricke

Guest Columnist

Photo: Nick Turchiaro – USA Today