If These 5 Things Happen, The Chicago Bears Win The Super Bowl

Chicago Bears 2014 Super Bowl

There has been a ton of coverage about the possibilities of the Chicago Bears making it to the Super Bowl in Arizona this February, but most of them are a bit too vague for me. Simply mentioning the odds that Las Vegas has on the Bears or how the public is betting just increases hype, it doesn’t show me a path to success.

Here is the path to success, if these 5 things happen the Chicago Bears will make the Super Bowl this season.

5. Lamarr Houston Makes His First Pro Bowl

LaMarr Houston quote pic

Lamarr Houston was hired by the Chicago Bears to wreak havoc on the defensive line, specifically to stop the run. Playing 390 snaps last season for Oakland, Houston ranks as the #1 defensive end (4-3) in terms of run stop %.

Run Stop % = percentage of a player’s defensive snaps in which they were responsible for stopping the ball carrier. (fun fact: Willie Young, new Chicago Bears defensive end, ranked #2 for the Lions last season in this same stat)

Houston was very close making his first trip to Hawaii last season, if he manages to step up his game alongside Jared Allen and earn a trip this year – the Chicago Bears will be one step closer to Arizona.