Most Bears fans younger than 30 years old have very limited knowledge on the former cheerleaders for Chicago known as the Honey Bears. After seeing recent NFL commercials featuring cheerleaders from Houston, San Diego and Miami, we thought it was time to dig a little deeper into the issue and figure out exactly why Chicago is lacking beautiful women dancing around on the sideline. Football is a man’s game, and with that comes beautiful women …. but not in The Windy City.

Here are 10 interesting facts the every Chicago Bears fan, regardless of age, needs to know about the Chicago Honey Bears:

10. Who Were They?

The Chicago Honey Bears were a cheerleading / dance squad that performed on the sidelines for the Chicago Bears between 1976 – 1985. The group performed for Bears games at Soldier Field and they had many other public appearances related to modeling, performing and posing…. more to come on the posing.

What happens when women become famous for their looks?  Well, they pose for playboy.  See #7.