Chicago Cubs TV contract

Chicago Cubs Emulating Lebron James

The Chicago Cubs are still weighing their TV options for 2015 as this season wraps up. The Cubs exercised an option to end their contract with WGN following the 2014 season, so they’re looking around for offers. Team owner Tom Ricketts illustrated the challenges the Cubs are facing.

 “There are a lot of discussions and a lot of options on the table.”

“The biggest challenge for us on the business side is to make sure the decisions we make over the next few  years on our media rights will be the ones that makes the most sense for the organization and give us the  most financial flexibility moving forward,” Ricketts said

The Chicago Cubs sound like the Lebron James of Major League Baseball broadcasting. They opted out of their contract, and they’re shopping offers with the future in mind … sound familiar?

According to the Chicago Tribune, the decision to opt out of the WGN agreement was a no-brainer – they pay half as much as Comcast Sports Net for Chicago Cubs broadcasts.

The Tribune reported the Cubs receive about $500,000 per game from CSN and around $250,000 from WGN, and they were looking to receive more from the games on WGN’s side.

Many Cubs fans are upset by the news of the Cubs completely splitting ties with WGN, but if money is main objective then there are other options out there. One report indicates that the Chicago Cubs may feature their home games on multicast cable stations, that would be interesting.

Picture this… you can watch the Cubs game, then catch a quick episode of “All In The Family” afterward.

WGN isn’t out of the picture yet though, they have made offers to the Cubs, just like the Bulls made offers to Lebron and Carmelo. #TimeToMoveOn


Featured Photo: Chicago Tribune


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