Brian Urlacher Says Shea McClellin Will Do Great

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The 2012 NFL Draft was a bit of a roller coaster for Chicago Bears fans. Newly appointed general manager Phil Emery had the fans on the edge of their seats as he made his first draft pick, and he surprised everyone.

“With the 19th overall pick, the Chicago Bears select Shea McClellin”


Who the hell is Shea McClellin? Bears fans raced to the Internet to get an answer to this burning question. Turns out he’s a mediocre athlete out of Boise Idaho, cool story.

For the last two years McClellin has been a bust. Failing to make an impact at defensive end, the Chicago Bears will try him at linebacker this season. Most pegged him as the heir to Brian Urlacher’s spot since the day he was drafted, but the Bears denied it for a few years.

“I was excited for sure, anticipated that they would, too,” McClellin said. “My first two years weren’t the greatest but I think linebacker is a natural fit for me. I think it’s what I should be doing and I’m very excited about it.”

Urlacher, one of the best linebackers of all-time, recently appeared on 670 the Score to talk about Shea. He doesn’t foresee the transition being very difficult for him.

“I struggled because I was used to playing in space. Shea is used to dealing with lineman and tight ends because they are always right in front of him,” Urlacher told WSCR 670-AM The Score on Tuesday morning. “I wasn’t used to that. Shea is a great athlete. I think he’s going to do great at SAM linebacker over the tight end because he is so athletic and he’s used to using his hands and getting on people. He will be fine in that aspect. Like I said, he can run and can do all of the things you want your SAM to do.”

Chicago fans would love to see anything that resembles “great athlete” from Shea McClellin. He hasn’t played terrible in Chicago, but he also hasn’t played up to the potential of a first round pick since arriving.

Hopefully Urlacher is right.


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