The 2014 Arnold Classic is the highlight of the Arnold Sports Festival, held annually by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The bodybuilding competition will occur from  Feb 27 – Mar 2 this year in Columbus, OH. This is the 26th installment, and the event is now invite only as far as competitors are concerned.


New this year is the 212 division, led by Mr. Olympia James “Flex” Lewis. Flex isn’t a shoe in, but definitely has the best chance to win. Jose Raymond is the sleeper of this group, but will need to really impress.

The coup de grace of the Arnold Sports festival will be the 2014 Arnold Classic. The 13 gentlemen invited this year is a stacked group:

Evan Centopani
Brandon Curry
Toney Freeman
Cedric MacMillan
Victor Martinez
Edward Nunn
Ben Pakulski
Shawn Rhoden
Fred Smalls
Branch Warren
Roelly Winklaar
Dennis Wolf
Hidetada Yamagish



2013 – Dexter Jackson

2012 – Branch Warren

2011 – Branch Warren

2010 – Kai Greene

2009 – Kai Greene







While the list is impressive, most of the names you may not be familiar with don’t have much of a chance to win, but could place and surprise some people. While Pakulski and Rhoden aren’t household names to some, They both should finish in the top 5. Centopani,  Warren, and Martinez will all be gunning for one man in my opinion. Despite Warren having 2 wins in his last 3 years competing, and Martinez topped the class of 2007, I feel this year is Dennis Wolf’s Arnold Classic to lose. Rhoden will give him a run for his money though.


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