Chicago Cubs Baseball - The Cubs-Pirates game lasted longer than everything, whether it be fact or not. At just under SIX hours, only idiots like, well, myself would stay up to watch the ending. I’ll be damned, they lost. Am I surprised by this? No. Should anyone be surprised anymore by anything ridiculous involving the Cubbies?

Well, we might as well make something good out of this crap-shoot, so why not look at 10 things the Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates game on April 2nd, and April 3rd, 2014, lasted longer than!

10. The Wolf Of Wall Street and American Hustle COMBINED

Chicago Cubs Baseball


Chicago Cubs Baseball

These two Oscar nominated films come in at around 5 1/2 hours. For all the people that complained about how long ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ was ALONE can now put it into perspective.

9. 2013 Stanley Cup Finals Game 1

That’s right. The 3-OT thriller that lasted just over four hours didn’t even come close to the 16-inning marathon that sneaked into Thursday morning in Pittsburgh.

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